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NYC Visit
Spring 2024

Experience a very special bodywork session with Michael Brasunas, LMBT, BCT from Asheville, NC

Wednesday May 8th - Sunday May 12th, 2024

For this 1st trip sharing his work in the city, Michael will be offering his exceptionally unique bodywork developed over 19 years as a healing arts practitioner. A practice that is constantly evolving with each session, and with each new individual he works with.

His work has been described as deeply rejuvenating, intuitive, and restorative. Each treatment an opportunity to reconnect and recover, as he weaves the many works he incorporates, which include:

-Myofascial Connective Tissue Therapy
-Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy
-Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage
-Energetic & Vibrational Healing
-Conscious Living Practices

/1 Hour
$290/75 Mins.
$320/90 Mins.
$370/120 Mins.

Appointments are available morning, afternoon, and into the evening for this trip, and as house-call only, with a 10% discount for all additional appointments at the same location (invite your friends and family).
Michael will bring everything needed, and don't worry if you have a limited space, he's worked in many unique locations.

**For booking please contact Michael directly**
You may use the form below to request appointments or email:
call/text: (828) 407-0125

***Important: Do not use online scheduling for this event through other pages on this site,
it will show all dates full***


NYC Spring 2024 Scheduling Form

Please fill out this form and share length of session desired, and as many available timing options/preferences as possible (including evening) so as to coordinate best possible movement through the city.

The dates are May 8th - May 12th, 2024

Thanks for submitting!

"Having been a professional massage therapist and received hundreds of massages in my lifetime, I must say that Michael is phenomenal. I rarely get massages because I never feel that the practitioner has quite the right combo of technique, intuitive sensitivity, lucid awareness of right pressure, along with the gift of meeting me exactly where I’m at and gently opening up areas in my body to let go and receive the subtle messages below. Michael has consistently done that for me in the three times I’ve seen him, and has helped me relocate my holy presence in my core. I have been operating from this core ever since and boy...does it make a difference in going about my day with discernment, kindness, confidence, peace and love." -Sabrina C. San Francisco, CA

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