Bodywork Therapy, Energy Healing Arts, and Biodynamic Craniosacral

"Yesterday I had the amazing experience of a Biodynamic Craniosacral Session. I have been having a good bit of issue with sinus related tension headaches. This headache was entirely gone by the end of the session with Michael. I left in an altered state with shoulder pain no longer bothering me and still this morning I have no shoulder pain. He has a great facility for healing and I highly recommend his work. Thank you!"


Myofascial-Connective Tissue Bodywork
Drawing upon 16 years of experience and training in massage therapy, these sessions are orientated towards releasing stuck patterns in the fascia and inviting fluidity into the muskuloskeletal and connective tissue system while enhancing consciousness and awareness within the body and the breath. The myofascial tissue surrounds all the bones and muscles of the body like a sheath, and stores the history of our lives and how we hold ourselves resulting from all that has happened, physically, emotionally, and energetically. The tissues return to their rightful station so to speak when given space, and that's what we attempt and intend, slowly at times, intensively at others. The body responds to the proper touch offered by trained hands and the experience is always refreshing and renewing.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
Biodynamic Cranial work directly invites the natural state of balance we were born with back into our body on a conscious level. We re-calibrate and attune to the midline, the central core pillar of our structure and spiritual essence. Specific issues or ailments are addressed and held with support while the whole system is reconnected through the Breath of Life, that powerful infusion of the eternally present source of energy within which we are all interwoven. Experiencing this is a beautiful reminder to all layers of our being of how we can live in the loving expression of peace which emanates from the heart.

Vibrational Energy Healing
Light touch or distance/remote energy healing sessions geared to fortifying the resonance and vibratory sustenance and integrity of your being, opening the centers and channels of energy and expanding the experience of lifeforce flowing naturally.

"What a gift of time to reconnect to Spirit while nourishing my physical body. The gifts that I see & most of all feel with all the work that Michael has shared with me is his gift of knowing exactly what my body needs the most. It is as if the time is a delicate balance of prayer, meditation & massage."

-Susie B