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"Michael's healing touch brought me to a deep sense of my true nature as a human being. His openness to listen deeply to my needs, while listening to the guidance that be, brought a deep transformative healing experience which is still present today. Michael was born to give this work to the world, naturally. Thank you for sharing your gift with me!" 


"Michael has a very calming presence and is a thoughtful and intuitive massage therapist. He knows exactly where and how much pressure is needed to achieve the results you are looking for. After my massage, I feel calmer , grounded, and have a more open heart. Thank you Michael!"   -Julia R.

Awakening the Spirit Healing Arts & Bodywork Therapy

Tel: (828) 407-0125

Direct scheduling link:

70 Park Avenue North
Asheville, NC 28801


Be sure to put the word "North" into the above address when you use GPS, otherwise you'll end up somewhere in the mountains in South Avl.

Please PARK ON THE STREET and walk up the driveway that is after the #70 mailbox (See image #1 below) to a yellowish house set back from the road, with two garage doors. My office is located to the left hand side of the garage and around the back. (See image #2 below)

***Please do not go to the front door of the house***

(In heavy rain you are welcome to pull up the driveway and park in front, making sure to leave room for cars to pass by)

Send a message below to inquire about sessions, for more information, or to share feedback or ideas

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