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"A massage with Michael is not like anything I have experienced in all my years of regular massage therapy. The depth of his massage technique is amazing. And, his calming presence and touch leave you with a resotred peace of mind. Thank you Michael. Each appointment is always such a treat."

-Ashleigh R.

I attended the Pacific Center for Awareness & Bodywork on the island of Kauai in 2005 and have held a private practice as a Holistic Massage Therapist and Myofascial-Connective Tissue Bodyworker for 16 years. My training and experience working with thousands of clients has brought me to see the multitude of layers which affect our lives, and over the past decade I became very drawn to find and experience subtle methods of healing, for I knew deeply that well-being and vitality comes more naturally when we can look at the health of the body as a product of the energy and vibration we hold and manage through the means in which we operate in our lives.


I studied and became certified in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, an approach to working with the intrinsic rhythms and tidal patterns in the fluids and bone structures of the body, based on Osteopathic research. The experiences in those settings and sessions with clients doing cranial work led me more and more to want to know what is this hidden innate wisdom, this Breath of Life, that seems to move through the body, that seems to be expressing itself in ways that are beyond our control. For it seemed that health comes when there is balanced movement and harmonic flow throughout the interconnected systems of the body.


Over the past decade, I have focused much on learning how to facilitate preservation of what is sacred and pristine in our world and in ourselves, honoring the power that creates and sustains all life through the work of balancing ourselves and being more accountable for our actions, our energy, our choices, and to being those who could assist others to recover the honor and dignity of their spirits as well.

My strongest ability lies in my stable and humble accountability to work with clients from my heart with no ulterior motive but to assist and serve, and I merge the deep, slow, sensitive bodywork with intuitive and attuned presence and touch, building a strong relationship and close association with each soul I encounter in a sacred way, in order to enable the spirit to reconnect with its own root and origin, a reflection that ripples and echoes deep within that is here to fully empower itself in co-creative alliance with the power that sustains our lives, and reconnect us to who we really are, what we are capable of, and what we are hear to do.

Cancellation Policy

My policy around cancellation is on a tiered 72 hour basis***

-If cancellations occur in the time between 72-48 hours prior to our appointment I request half the base rate for your appointment.

-If the cancellation is made within the window of 48-24 hours prior to the appointment I will ask full payment though offer half that as credit that can be used for a future session.

-And if the cancellation is within 24 hours of our scheduled session I ask full payment with no credit, unless the cancellation is due to a true emergency, like the kind an airline would refund your money for when you have a nonrefundable ticket.

***If you are truly sick with something contagious or simply far too ill to come in for the session, I will waive this below policy if you reschedule (and attend) your appointment for a future date in the next 21 days

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