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Holistic Life Coaching, Mentoring, and Spiritual Healing & Guidance

Is there a calling from deep inside your soul to find something of sincere meaning in this life, something that you've longed to hear, to experience, to understand, that you somehow feel MUST be out there.

If you feel that there is more than what we see and know and think, more that is going on than how we've been conditioned, and that without having that true connection to what is real, your spirit suffers, your heart yearns, and no matter how much you do, nothing really "works" to make the lasting changes in your life which you desperately seek, then I invite you to open your receptive eyes, ears, and heart.


In support, guidance, and reflection,

in this time, as you sojourn to find the original principle and sense of functionality and dignity as a soul that governs who you are and what you are capable to fulfill, I am your sincere ally.

The times we are in are imploring us to see that now it is critical to hold the

Living Original Wisdom,

to reorganize our lives around the co-creative principles of Natureand to align with the balancing and harmonizing law of Sacred ReciprocityIt's no longer a choice, but a calling that echoes from the deep recesses of your soul.

And with the proper intent, anything and everything is possible.

Transformative Counseling and Holistic Life Coaching

When I work with clients in a Distance Coaching setting with the intent for personal transformation and spiritual development I prioritize initially on getting clarity regarding these 3 key elements in their life:


1-What precisely is hampering their full integrity as a soul from being expressed, and from being in coordinated functionality on a daily basis? In other words, what keeps them from being vital, driven, focused, and capable to hear the voice of their spirit and act accordingly?


2-Why have they weakened their power, their protection, and their connection to their potential, their true sense of purpose in life? And how have they gotten sidetracked by impositions, conditioning through various life circumstances, and taken off course.


3-Where is the most optimal place to begin the process, where to look within oneself and navigate through in order to anchor a secure process that will bring significant shifts in their energy and re-cultivate the inner sense of reliability?


My intent is to assist in attuning to the guidance and wisdom inherent in the original natural force of life that moves through us all, which can greatly revive what has become an atrophied capacity in us all for consciousness, so that we can function at the level we are capable of.


Based on my unique assessment with each individual, and process of listening and tuning in to discern how I am meant to serve and reflect something beneficial to this person, I begin to organically introduce concepts and directions for doing work on oneself, principles of original wisdom, practices for reflection & self-investigation, daily exercises for management of energy and spiritual protection and upliftment, processes of identifying, accessing and facing key issues to be brought to clearing, working with affirmations and decrees, and instructions for developing and holding intents with dignity and dedication which can form a foundation for the work of empowerment and genuine lasting transformation.


I work alongside my clients as an ally, guide, and messenger, consistently in co-creative support. I learn much too through receiving, often in the moment, what I need to pass and share with the client, and being in service to fortify and secure what they are wanting to achieve and move towards.

"Michael's support in my journey of healing has been crucial. He has been that steady rock to hold on to, yet with soft edges worn smooth by the winds of life. His compassion, sensitivity, and deep intuition coupled with his personal commitment to healing enable him to bring wisdom and safety to the exploration of my spiritual foundation. Gentle yet firm, he has stood by my side as I navigate my edges and reach out to connect with the love within me. Michael's gift to me is myself; and for that I am grateful."

-Benjamin B.