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Since 2013 I have been an apprentice to a

legitimate living initiated Andean Master,

Mama Koginka Kamaru Xue.

If you would like to hear about the worldwide service, ministry, and legacy of his work and his deep association with some of the last remaining indigenous wisom holders--or to learn about the school and non-profit organization that have been set up to support the training and coordinated effort of devoted students, allies, and co-creative souls who have committed to re-harmonizing earth's natural energies through conscious process and development, visit: &

There have been several interviews and films with Mama Nuiyuan in recent years.

In Episode 1 "Spirit" of this 10-part series called Mind the Matrix II, we get a beautiful glimpse into the work the Mamas and members of KSF do in the sacred Motherland of Colombia. This episode includes very sincere teachings from this true master, and one of his close apprentices.

Watch the trailer to the right, and Click Here to see the series' page on Vimeo

Mama Nuiyuan was also interviewed in 2019 as part of a series called "Simulation"

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Or go here:

The work of the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation (KSF) has been recognized by the high Kogi Mamas as a critical component to the recovery of the Original Living Wisdom of humanity. Including by several of the Mamas in this film. Click the window to the right or Click here to watch the 1st movie about the Kogi on YouTube, titled "From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brother's Warning" (1990) to experience their message and request for our conscious attention to what is really going on.

And Click here to watch the 2nd film about the Kogi, "ALUNA" in which a new generation of Mamas extend the depth of their message and reach a greater audience through addressing specific environmental and scientific circumstances

Reading List

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The Essene Gospel of Peace

This is a powerful text of beautiful and sacred teachings which I feel to be from the Great Master. I recommend starting with Book 1. They may also be purchased on Amazon, or you can download ALL 4 BOOKS in the .pdf file that I've prepared (click on icon)

Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda

Freedom from the Known, by Jiddhu Krishnamurti (or anything by him)

Tibet's Great Yogi: Milarepa, by W.Y. Evans-Wentz

Edgar Cayce (anything by him or about his work legitimately published by A.R.E. press)

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Cathy Yonaitis, Unite Us Yoga-Greensboro:

Jonathan Evatt, Wisdom for a Life of Freedom: